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Madonna releases latest single as an MP3

I see that Madonna has released her latest single, American Life, as a downloadable MP3 well in advance of its official release on 29 April 2003.

At last, PVR to become popular

The question that is always raised, when one or more TiVo owners are gathered together is — why doesn’t everyone have one? I know that I couldn’t live without mine. In fact I don’t watch live TV, unless there happens to be a war on. In-Stat/MDR latest report reveals that 83% of their respondents were either “Extremely satisfied” or “Very satisfied” with their PVR.

War is good for streaming

Forbes has a piece covering how streaming media is getting a boost from the public appetite for all things war. This is the same for text news — I know there has also been a considerable spike in usage for Google with their excellent news product.

Tragic – SonicBlue file for Chapter 11

Sad news as SonicBlue file for Chapter 11. In my view they were singularly the most progressive thinking company in the digital media space, with features like Ethernet ports on their PVR, ReplayTV, from the very beginning.

Media player for Xbox

There’s an interesting open-source project on SourceForge called XboxMediaPlayer that gives modded Xboxes the ability to show video/audio/pictures on a TV’s. The development is highly active, which has taken it to the four most active on SF.

Reuters launch “Raw Video”

In an interesting move, Reuters announced the launch of their “Raw Video” service coverage of the now-current war. After looking at it, it’s not quite the warts-and-all unedited rushes that the service first sounds like, but is certainly a step in an new direction.

Yahoo Platinum AV service launches

Yahoo launch their $9.95/month Platinum audio and video service on Monday. It’s going to be going head-to-head with RealOne SuperPass. Lots of the sports content that Yahoo have is from the purchase of, who had signed exclusive, opened ended deals with the baseball teams — at a time when the teams hadn’t recognised that there was value in it.

Ken Kutaragi – Sony Visionary

Short bio on Ken Kutaragi is the person that Nobuyuki Idei, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Corporation calls “our Steve Jobs”.

Microsoft Xbox Live – Now Live

A significant milestone in broadband gaming today as Microsoft Xbox Live goes live over most of Europe, and enters the shops in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Microsoft and MPEG-4

Microsoft subsidise MPEG-4 to gain market share.