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Final Draft to include interactivity

One of the things we had to do early on at LemonTV was to create a standard for scripting interactive TV programmes. Unfortunately for us, no one had done it at that time, mid-2000, and we found to make the interactive productions cohesive, it was vital that the shooting crew knew what interactive programming was happening around the piece and vice versa.

BBC releases Interactive producer guidelines

The BBC has now officially released their Interactive producer guidelines which were announced by BBC Director of New Media & Technology, Ashley Highfield at this years Edinburgh TV festival.

Starbucks to offer WiFi

Public news is seeping out about Starbucks putting WiFi into their shops (or lifestyle venues – depending on your take). Excitingly the JV with T-Mobile and HP, called T-Mobile Hotspot will initially be free, so get yourselves down to the London Fleet Street or Broad Street branches.

BT to half ADSL activation fee

BT is halving the £60 ADSL activation fee until the 20 September.

MS announces US Xbox Live start

Microsoft has announced the finalised US release date of its new “online, broadband, multi-player” service for Xbox – Xbox Live, to be 15 Nov. It will retail in shops for around $50 including a years worth of subscription, a headset (enabling players to talk/insult fellow players) and a mini-game.

More 3G delays in the UK

More delays in 3G roll-out as Vodaphone duck announcing the launch date for the UK.

PressPlay try to entice online music fans

In a Napster-like world, people had been used to totally unrestricted access to whatever music they wanted and the freedom to do what they wanted with it away from their PC’s. You can obviously argue that the general public shouldn’t have ever been exposed to such freedom, but nothing can change the fact that some of them were.

Sky firm up BT relationship

Sky are firming up their relationship with BT by expanding their offer to customers to include an ADSL package. For me, the interesting part of the story is that they have demonstrated a broadband-ready set top box to select analysts, following the rumours that have been circulating about it for quite a while.

NTL claim 300k broadband customer

UK cable company NTL recently claimed to have 300,000 residential broadband customers, which they estimate gives them the largest share of the market at 37%.

Telco increase pressure on WiFi giving customers

As discussed previously, the large telecom companies are going to try to stop broadband users from freely sharing their connection via WiFi. They want to launch their own pay-for services and why would the public pay for something they could have for free.