Telco increase pressure on WiFi giving customers

As discussed previously, the large telecom companies are going to try to stop broadband users from freely sharing their connection via WiFi. They want to launch their own pay-for services and why would the public pay for something they could have for free.

The first approach was to threaten some of the users who were doing this, today we see the second approach, rolling out PR stories designed to make the general public think twice about sharing their broadband connections via WiFi.

They are using an old favourite trick of IBM, FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The story is put in a friendly adviser way, in fact AT&T Broadband say they’re starting an “educational effort” for their customers.

Clearly there can be benefits to the use of encryption but by encouraging people to turn on their encryption, they are, as a by-product, closing that WiFi network to public access. How fortunate for them.