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Artemis Records give free license to webcasters

In an interesting new dimension to the RIAA-induced fees for Internet radio story, Artemis Records have announced the creation of a licence allowing Internet radio stations to use any of their artists tracks for a year without the need to pay a fee.

Qualcomm WiFi capable CDMA chipsets

The inevitable merging of WiFi with cellular phones has moved on another pace as Qualcomm announce their intention to include WiFi functionality in their CDMA chipsets. They haven’t announced any dates as yet.

UK ADSL service for under 20 pounds

For the first time the UK has a DSL service that costs under £20 per month including VAT . It’s planned to start in August and there are a few Terms & Conditions that apply.

Intel’s hand-held audio and video player

Intel’s Emerging Platforms Lab have designed a paperback-sized platform that will be used to play back digital audio and video content. Although always based on Intel chips including the XScale processor, the manufacturers, who will be announced later in the year, have freedom over display and storage. The initial pricing is thought to be around $500 then later moving to $399.

TVcompass – Digital TV Adaptor

UK-based company, TVcompass, has been stepping up the publicity for its forthcoming digital TV adaptor. It’s an exciting company with strong, good, new thinking behind its products.

MPAA pursue Film88

Film88, the Internet-based VOD company that offered hollywood blockbuster films at $1 a view that briefly and unsuccessfully re-opened in Iran about a month and a half ago is having the legal wroth of the MPAA set against it.

US Telcos don’t like WiFi sharing

The broadband providers in the US have now caught on to the idea that some of their subscribers are freely sharing their Internet connections with other member of the public via WiFi and they don’t like it. These Telcos are sending out cease and desist letters to people who have listed themselves as available WiFi HotSpots on sites such as NYCwireless with threats to cut their Internet connection off if they don’t stop.

SDSL service launches in North West England

An SDSL service has been launched in the North West of England by Via Importantly the connections are synchronous, they can send and receive at up to 2Mb and the contention ratios are much lower than competing UK ADSL products, coming in at either 5:1 or 10:1 depending on the price of the service. A truly economic alternative to leased-line services.

BBC wins UK digital TV licence

It was announced this morning that the BBC lead consortium has been successful in winning the UK digital TV licence that the crash of ITVDigital left vacated earlier in the year.

IBM Makes d-Cinema Moves

IBM have made a move to become involved with digital cinema (otherwise known as e-cinema or d-cinema) partnering with Kodak and bringing the operating system (OS) to the party. There’s been an underground excitement about d-cinema for a couple of years now but it’s been hampered by both the cost of the equipment and primarily by the industries inability to decide who should pay for the equipment.