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VDSL delivered VOD

IPTV software and services company Myrio and the R&D arm of BT, BTexact, recently carried out a demonstration of video from two sources, a VOD server and the Internet, delivered over VDSL to both thin and thick client STB’s. This is interesting for a number of reasons:- it’s from multiple sources so third parties can supply content, BT are publicly talking about their VDSL testing (which has been quietly happening for sometime now) and the content is going to STB’s (not PCs), so there may be a number of suppliers of viewing platforms.

Australian government review broadband take-up

The Australian government are starting to mount a review of Broadband to discover why it take up has been slow.

Verizon mount objection to FCC

A number of US consumer groups and Verizon have mounted a legal objection to the recent FCC ruling that would exempt high-speed Internet services from telephone-style regulation, clearly feeling the ruling, as it stands, doesn’t allow for enough competition.

SonicBlue to sell via Amazon

SonicBlue have signed and exclusive deal with Amazon to sell it’s 4000 range of broadband-enabled PVR’s.

UK government to spend £30m to boost broadband

The UK government detail their plans to spend £30m to boost roll-out of broadband. It encouraging to see that one of the ideas is to locally demonstrate the advantages that broadband brings – a vital link in converting people. There is a total breakdown at the DTI.

European Commission take action on slow unbundling

The European Commission is taking actions against a further five countries that they feel haven’t properly implement regulations on local-loop unbundling. This follows similar action taken against Germany, Greece and Portugal at the end of 2001. Interestingly they cited the delay that could be caused to Video over Broadband as a major reasons.

Broadband TV service launched in Helsinki

A new Broadband delivered TV service is being launched in Helsinki. One of the companies, Elisa Communications, is also going to be working on a wireless version in a shopping centre.

Kodak to create a rival to Bluetooth

Bluetooth raised a lot of interest when it was first discussed, this could have been due to PR by the interested parties because since then there’s been very little. The core idea behind it, the WPAN or PAN (Wireless/ Personal Area Network), is an interesting additional method of transferring content to users – if not a little slow in it current 1Mbs guise.

CNN to charge for streamed video

During a recent visit to CNN London, I asked a senior news editor if their Internet based video content would remain free. He gave an elusive answer which I interpreted as no, this article confirms that they will be charging. This move isn’t surprising to anyone who’s been involved with streaming media – streaming content over the public Internet, especially BB video IS expensive, so expect this to be the rule rather than the exception.

BT ADSL users double?

Reports that the number of BT ADSL users in the UK has doubled – slightly confusing given the price hasn’t officially dropped yet.