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Oftel finally see the need for broadband competition

Oftel announce steps to increase competition in the UK broadband market.

VOD over DSL

Alcatel and Thomson multimedia demonstrated TV and VOD over DSL. Interestingly the article also mentions encoding units by Nextream, claiming video over less than 1Mb/s.

A positive piece on BB satellie looking forward to 20002.

A positive piece on BB satellie looking forward to 20002.

More DSL in Beijing

Continued development of DSL access in the Hebei province around Beijing.

BBC reject STB idea

News that the BBC has ruled out having their own set top box wasn’t particularly surprising. Discussions with other UK broadcaster are still ongoing.

EU money for Cornish broadband

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund and South West Regional Development Agency, Cornwall will benefit from 33,000 ADSL connections

SonicBlue put pressure on TiVo

SonicBlue are now stepping up the pressure on TiVo (Sonicblue threatens to sue TiVo)) after the award of their patent covering a couple PVR feature, including the ability to pause live TV.

Microsoft announce new broadband streaming CODEC

Microsoft announced at Streaming Media East yesterday their ‘Third generation’ product – code named “Corona”, that they are aiming at BB delivery.

BBC announce ‘Curriculum Online’

The BBC announce their pivotal role in the ‘Curriculum Online’. It could be very positive for the UK industry, as long as the money is spread around rather than just placed with a small number of large broadcasters.

RealNetworks to support MPEG-4

Interesting to see RealNetworks are going to support MPEG-4. As long as it’s going to be open standards MPEG-4, not the proprietary version Microsoft uses, this is good for the electronic video delivery generally. This could also be interpreted that Real aren’t that concerned about their format any more. As long as people view it though their player and through their subscription service (RealOne) – they’ll be happy. Gives added weight to the perception of a major shift in their business, which has been happening for a while.