Bebo Sells To AOL: $850m

Bebo Sells To AOL: $850mAOL will be buying social Networking site Bebo for $850m cash.

Well done to all of those at Bebo, the social network that (more or less) quietly got on with building its 40 million members while the other social network shouted about what they were up to.

It’s interesting that the deal is all cash, with one interpretation of that being that Bebo and its backers wanted to cashout rather than receive stock that might decrease in value.

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Activision Blizzard: Vivendi Games And Activision To Merge

Activision Blizzard: Vivendi Games And Activision To MergeBig moves in the video game industry arose yesterday, as media giant Vivendi announced plans to take a controlling stake in Activision. They plan to call it Activision Blizzard.

The real strength to Vivendi’s hand is having Blizzard Entertainment in their small portfolio of game companies.
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Another week, another purchase of a Web-based service by a TV broadcaster.

US, sports-mad ESPN have announced that they are buying UK, a site that, not surprisingly is about rugby.

Founded nearly ten years ago, in 1997, they take pride in their ability to break stories faster than “conventional media.”

There’s been a number of moves of late by broadcasters to buy Web sites that focus on, what to broadcasters, are small niches – such as Discovery buying, Cricket site, Cricinfo, which was also bought by ESPN and most recently by JumpTV.