0207 SkypeIn Scandal: Cost Made Skype Drop Numbers

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Skype Bombshell: 0207 SkypeIn Numbers Must ChangeAs you know, we – and a lot of other people – aren’t impressed with Skype’s plans to cut off many of their 0207 London SkypeIn customers.

We’ve been following this story up through various avenues, one being the company that provided the 0207 number to Skype in the first place.

We had an interview with Don McQueen, CEO of GCI Com who provided the 0207 numbers to Skype when they started the service 2-3 years ago.

He told us that as 0207 number are running short, many carriers are starting to charge for the 0207 numbers.

They have been in discussions with Skype for about year over the numbers, but talks broken down about two weeks ago when they couldn’t come to an agreement.

McQueen tells us that without really finishing negotiations, Skype’s reaction was just to return the numbers.

Shame On You Skype
What is terrible is that Skype have clearly made a commercial decision to sacrifice their 0207 customers for financial reasons – they didn’t want to pay for the numbers.

It show a severe lack of business maturity and a clear total disregard for their customers – most of whom have been loyal Skype users and had their SkypeIn numbers since the services London launch 2-3 years ago.

We don’t know what GCI Com was asking for the numbers, but frankly it doesn’t matter. The damage this fiasco has done so far has seriously damaged Skype and their intention to become a serious business provider has become shredded – not just in London, but around the world.

Businesses can’t deal with companies that pull the rug from under them with less than a months notice. Even BT – much disliked in the UK – gave businesses two years notice when they changed from 020 to 0207.

Skype – do the decent thing and get the numbers back – then your apology will be accepted.

11 thoughts on “0207 SkypeIn Scandal: Cost Made Skype Drop Numbers”

  1. I’m not entirely sure I see what all the fuss is about. If a person or company wants a London number, what does it matter if it is 020 7 or 020 8 or 020 3? Surely the fact that it is in London is what matters really.

  2. The problem is that as a skype for business customer i assumed i had the number safegaurded and published this number in advertisements , many of which are deep in the market. For the sake of what really is a few pence to skype they decided their business customers would not mind or notice or have their feathers ruffled . It seems effectively they think like you.

  3. The problem is two fold:

    1. The impact on the business having to alter numbers on hard copy material and things like vans and signage.
    2. The poor customer service and the total disregard for the impact on the customer.

    We have found a facebook group that is supporting us in finding a real solution to the problem. Skype should be aloud to get away with ppor customer service!

  4. All this fuss is because peoples phone numbers, which in some cases customers have had for year, are being disconnected! The 0207 area code is irrelevant really, it’s the fact that Skype are terminating the numbers and have given customers less than a months notice. Think of all the people that have your phone number, what if your service provider told you in less than a months time no one calling that number will be able to contact you, you’d be pretty upset, right? If you were running a company then think of all those customers that have your number on business cards, adverts, phonebooks etc. It could potentially make your business go under!

  5. I didn’t realise that Skype was dropping existing customer numbers – I assume that they just weren’t taking registrations on for 020 7 numbers any more.

  6. I hope Simon Perry realises that you don’t spell “scandle” like that. The word is scandal.

    Anyway, yes Skype has dropped the ball yet again and shafted its customers. Rather shoddy if you ask me and it’s a pity because I still like the Skype software and the quality of computer to computer calls. Just sad that the company seems to be run by monkeys with no idea of customer service.

  7. James, my big fuss with Skype and 0207 numbers is the great expense spent on stationary and advertising spent with that number. Not to mention the extremely short notice that has left us scrambling to figure out a solution.

  8. Skype are owned by ebay who probably have the worst customer service record in the world for a legit business.

    Shame on skype, shame on ebay, praying for the day the ebay monster loses its monopoly and customers start getting some service.

  9. There is NO such area code as 0207.

    London uses (020) area code for ALL numbers.

    This change happened a decade ago.

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