Novell Linux Mocks “I’m a Mac” TV Adverts

Novell have done a great collection of spoof ads of Apple’s “I’m a Mac” series, you know, the ones that had a UK launch in January this year.

While playing to the same music and video style, it mocks the self congratulatory styles and adds a third character … Linux. Rather than the obvious blokes, it uses a woman to represent Linux.

The second ad takes a dig at the new versions of Windows (Vista)/Mac OSX (Leopard) and their new look interfaces. It points out that changes to the Linux operating system happen all of the time, rather than every 6-7 years, and that the are developed by other user and given away for free.

Sitting working on Mac and PC laptops is the setup for the third advert, but all is not what it seems, as Linux finds out when she looks over their shoulders to find both of them running … Linux.

It’s not just Novell that are using the “I’m a Mac” format for a joke. Many others are joining in the skit, including those who don’t give two hoots what operating system people use on computers.

This one has some great lines like, “Photoshop isn’t a game.”

WARNING – All of it is office safe UNTIL 45 seconds in, after the quip about not being able to play games without Linux servers. Be sure to listen in after 48 seconds for the Linux put down – “I’ll block your entire sub-net you stupid lamers.”

Oh video makers … please keep them rolling, we love them.

8 thoughts on “Novell Linux Mocks “I’m a Mac” TV Adverts”

  1. Cheers!
    The videos are very funny, and I can agree that in the past Novell stinked very much with their strange servers, but now I’m using Open Suse and I’m quite happy with it. I’ve heard that Ubuntu is nice, but it didn’t even install on my ACER Aspire 1690. So, what’s wrong with Novell Linux?

  2. Thank you sjp. I like it too!

    Back to Novell, I’m no Novell adict(!) but I think it’s fair to say that they have since 2006 a Open Source gratis version of their Operating system, (Open Suse). There’s also an Enterprise version with non open source Suse developped software with support and guarantee. This is similar to what was done with other big names on this industry like Red Hat, Mandrake (Now Mandriva), and many others. As far as I understand it no harm is done on this business model. On the contrary, having developers earning money is what keeps them alive and doing their work. There is no danger of the developer getting a monopoly (like Apple or Microsoft) because anyone can continue development on this open environment. It is open now and forever!

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