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Macintosh gets its First HDTV PVR

Elgato Systems have released the EyeTV 500, the first high-definition digital television solution for OS X.

Delivering Broadband Britain

Get to grips with applications, developments, partnerships and standards to help you successfully roll out broadband.

UPDATED: BT Cuts Broadband Prices By Up to 25%, but caps downloads.

… Digital Lifestyles editor £2 better off a month, though worried about 15GB download limits.

The BBC’s Digital Future

Director Mark Thomson and chairman Michael Grade launch the corporation’s charter renewal manifesto.

FindLaw: 56% of Americans Oppose RIAA Lawsuits

In the week that saw the Senate passing an act to bring more lawsuits against music downloaders, a survey by Findlaw indicates that nearly two thirds of American adults are opposed to the legal action.

Peppercoin Aiming for More Efficient Micropayments

Another attempt to crack micropayments is launched with Peppercoin 2.0.

UK Download Chart Launches September 1

The British Phonographic Industry finally admit that downloading music is the future and give legal downloads their own chart.

Sun’s Radical Java Update

I must have nodded off a while back as Sun update Java from 1.4 to 5.0.

Instat: Digital Set-top Box and PC TV Tuner Market US$3.8 billion in 2008

A new report from In-Stat/MDR predicts that the worldwide market for digital PC TV tuners and digital terrestrial set-top boxes will expand to more than US$3.8 billion (€3.12 billion) in just four years.

H.264 Codec Adopted for Next-Gen HD DVDs

The DVD Forum ratifies the H.264 Advanced Video Codec for use in HD-DVDs.