Archive for March, 2004

BBC Live Quiz Show First to Use Java on mobile

“Come and Have a Go if you Think You’re Smart Enough” is a new interactive quiz from the BBC – and is a global first for a TV programme to introduce interactivity through a Java application – on a mobile phone.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry Takes Action Against 247 Music Swappers

The IFPI has begun action against file sharing individuals in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Canada as the record industry makes its battle international.

Embedded Linux All Around You

Drive a Volvo? Use a wireless router? Then you’re probably using Linux.

Operate Your Video Recorder From Your Mobile Phone

Browser software house Opera’s mobileIPG product lets you record programmes to your VCR from wherever you are.

3rd USENIX Conference On File And Storage Technologies (FAST ’04)

Brings together storage system researchers and practitioners to explore new directions

Milia 2004

A vast cross-sector media conference focusing on content development, technology and new distribution platforms

Harvard University and North Carolina: Music Sharing Doesn’t Harm CD Sales

A new study from Harvard and the University of North Carolina claims that downloaded music’s effect on album sales is “virtually indistinguishable from zero.”

Preview of the Connected Home event, April 2004

We have a preview of the next Connected Home event (April 21st/22nd) and look back at the best quotes and findings from last September’s sessions.

XBox: Huge US Price Cut

Microsoft have cut the price of their XBox console in the US by nearly 17%.

AT&T Introduce DIY VoIP Service

AT&T’s CallVantage is being introduced at US$19.99 (UK£11, €16.40) per month, and includes a number of features.