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Microsoft Rethinks Japanese Contracts

After raids on its offices in Tokyo (reported here yesterday), Microsoft has revised controversial provisions in its contracts with Japanese PC manufacturers.

New Memory Card Format Aimed at 3G Phones

Motorola and SanDisk have teamed up to inflict yet another memory card format on the public, this time for use in Motorla’s 3G phones.

AOL Drops Broadband Service in US

America Online is no longer accepting new subscribers to its broadband access service, as it moves towards its “content only” ambitions.

Audiolunchbox – DRM-free music

An indie music site is offering US99c music downloads without restrictions on where and on what you can play them.

Ofcom Propose 056 Numbers for Voice Over IP Numbering Services

With the 056 prefix, Ofcom is close to a number allocation policy for Voice over Broadband (VoB) sevices.

Microsoft’s Tokyo Offices Raided

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission raided Microsoft’s offices in Tokyo a few hours ago as part of an investigation into the software giant’s contracts with PC suppliers.

Digital Home Working Group: “Share Content Anywhere, On Any Device”

As part of the Digital Home Working Group, Intel’s Craig Barrett has critisised DRM systems for the restrictions they place on customers.

3G: “The Networks are Ready, but the Phones Aren’t”

Mobile phone operators blame handset manufacturers for 3G’s slow progress.

More details of BBC iMP revealed – All content DRM’d

The details about the BBC iMP (internet Media Player) have been pretty scarce, last night more were revealed.

Eminem Sues Apple Over Unauthorised Use of Song

With an unusual twist on the usual music downloads/piracy story, rap artist Eminem is suing Apple Computer for using the lyrics from his song “Lose Yourself” in their TV advertising campaign for iTunes.