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Further TiVo content deals

There was a further announcement from TiVo’s advertainment division yesterday, in a new deal to place promotional material on TiVo’s. This time it’s with Fox Studios to promote five of their films this year. The content could include video elements from the films, including the full-length theatrical trailers, exclusive interviews or behind the scenes footage. Other video elements could also include music video performances associated with the film or film soundtrack.

Telewest easy broadband hookup

UK cable provider, Telewest, has announced a self-install kit enabling their current digital TV customers to get a broadband via their STB. The kit, £12.50, connects the STB to a computer via USB and gives access to their 1/2 and 1 Mbs service within 30 minutes, they estimate. They are also planning to release a wireless version.

UK Ofcom starts to take shape

This autumn (fall) Ofcom, the UK media and telecoms super-regulator, will replaces the five existing media and telecoms regulators. It recently announced that Stephen Carter will be its Chief Executive. In his previous professional life he has been the UK chief executive of ad agency J Walter Thompson, and most recently, managing director for UK cable company NTL.

Disney copyright extended to 95 years

In a win for Disney at the US Supreme Court. It looks like there’s a lot at stakeCopyright holders stand to collect about $400 million more a year from older creations under the extensionThe extension of copyright clearly benefits the corporation over the consumerCopyrights lasted only 14 years in 1790. With the challenged 1998 extension, the period is now 70 years after the death of the creator. Works owned by corporations are now protected for 95 years.But what did everyone expect?

Did you know? Michael Powell got a TiVo for xmas

Micahel Powell heads the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the body that, amoungst other thing, governs the structure of TV in America. He’s amazed at his new TiVo.

Reebok CyberRider Review

Reebok have brought out an exercise bike that can the connected to a video console. The next step is to connect the CyberRider to a broadband game.

Err, could you pause the wireless revolution please

News reaches us that the US military is, all of a sudden, worried about the use of wireless networking technologies, as they think it will interfere with their new passive radar systems.

Fit to burst

Fitness is on most people’s mind, given it’s New Year and resolution have some possibility of still being adhered to – it is only nine days into the year after all.

100′s lose their ADSL connections

BT managed to disconnect hundreds of their ADSL users, mostly 2Mb business customers. Amazingly the BT spokesman is quoted as saying that should have their services restored within five days. What sort of emergency reconfiguration takes five days to restore?


Hutchinson UK have been preparing for launch their 3G services in the UK for at least two years. Oscar Clark, who I originally met in the streaming (video) world, started working for them back then, lining up games companies to produce content for their network.