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New UK e-commerce minister

The UK now has a new e-commerce minister, Stephen Timms and we’re told he’s a strong believer in broadband.

Joltage first UK access point

Joltage, one of the new WiFi access companies, now have their first UK access point in Purton, a small Wiltshire village a mile west of Swindon.

Swedish Minister calls for subsidies

A Swedish government Minister has called for government subsidies for broadband access bringing the price to E22-23/month.

Moxi sales on the move

I’ve written here in glowing terms about the theory and features of the Moxi Media Centre. Back in March Diego bought Moxi and they’ve now reported receiving a positive from the cable industry at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) annual tradeshow in New Orleans. Motorola showed their Moxi based “Broadband Media Center’s”, the BMC8000 and 9000, which they are building under license.

US Library of Congress to decide on Webcasting fees

After a challenge from US radio Webcasters to the level of fees they are being asked to pay for playing songs on their station (up to $1.40 per song heard by one thousand listeners). The Library of Congress, who decides these matters, has to deliver its final determination before 20 June.

Speculation on the future use of ITV Digital’s frequency

Murmurs that the frequency that was/is used by ITV Digital in the UK could be sub-divided for wireless broadband access.

BBC Worldwide sign first interactive content deal

BBC Worldwide have just signed their first licensing deal for Interactive content with the Australian broadcaster ABC.

Microsoft announce Xbox Live

At E3, Microsoft announces details their online Multi-user broadband gaming network, “Xbox Live”. At just short of $50/year it will initially offer an “Xbox Communicator” – a mike for in game chatting with remote players. Making clear their commitment to the Xbox over the next five years they’ve also pledged a further $2Bn support budget.

BT waive ADSL activation fee

BT’s offer to wave the £65 activation fee for new ADSL users has been extended until August 2002 from the end of May.

Oftel give BT access to the hallowed ‘Blue bill’

About eight years ago I remember when working on the product structure of the pre-launch of BT’s Wireplay service (Multi-user gaming service – great idea, badly executed, later sold on). One of our suggestions involved placing various charging items on the regular or ‘Blue bill’ and BT were very clear that this was and would only be allowed to be billed for phone charges – although they very much wanted to use it.