Delta V send data via UHF / VHF

Delta V are using a digital TV via a standard UHF / VHF antenna to receive up to 256k of Internet data with the user makes their request via a dial-up connection. The site is a bit light on technical detail, so it’s not clear how this service would scale to lots of user and still give them 256k download.

Oftel push BT to unbundle

It appears that the UK telco regulator, Oftel is actually starting to take some actions to ‘encourage’ the roll-out of BB in the UK by forcing BT to lower some of it’s LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) related charges. I’m not clear if the two reductions mentioned will have any meaningful impact of end-user pricing but I am sure the reduction in connection and rental charges would, sadly Oftel will not take any action on this until a ‘separate analysis of competition in the relevant market’ has been conducted.

Rich-media online education starts in Plano, Texas

A trial is just starting in Plano, Texas, USA to provide students access to rich-media educational material after normal school hours via DSL called (PISD – Plano Independent Schools Districts). The initial trial includes one of each school level, Elementary, Middle and High School. The hitch which is touched upon is the fact the parents of the students need to provide the extra $50 extra dollars a month for access to the system.