LG Netbook X110 Launched: IFA 2008

LG Netbook X110 Launched: IFA 2008LG have today announced their entry in to the sub-notebook category, the Netbook X110.

Joining the trend which started getting attention when the Asus Eee was launched, LG says that theirs offers “the full PC experience,” and comes in three colours white, black and pink. It runs Windows XP Home and uses the Intel Atom processors

The current trend is for mobile phone companies to get involved with these machines, seeing them as a way to get people to switch to mobile data – Orange Mobile Broadband / Asus Eee 900/ modem for £25/month being a recent example.

The Netbook X110 will be following this trend with UK mobile retailer Phones4u selling the pink and white models initially. Black will follow later.

Of Note
It’s interesting to see that it’s LG Mobile launching this product, not ‘normal’ LG. This further underlines the desired connection between mobile phones and mobile computing.

Availability of the LG Netbook X110 will be late October 2008.

The spec for the LG Netbook

* CPU – Intel ATOM 1.6GHz + 945GSE + ICH7M
* OS – Windows XP Home
* Display – 10-inch WSVGA (1024*600)
* RAM – 1GB
* HDD – 80G
* Keyboard – 82 full-size keyboard
* Battery life – 3 Cell battery
* Weight – 1.19kg
* Wireless – WLAN 802.11 b/g , 10/100 Ethernet