32Gb iPod touch & 16Gb iPhone Added

32Gb iPod touch & 16Gb iPhone Added Apple have today added two new models with increased storage to both the iPhone and iPod touch ranges.

For those of you who didn’t think the iPhone was quite expensive enough, the 16GB model will cost an extra £60 than the existing 8GB, pushing it up to £329 (inc VAT). The 8Gb will remain at £269 inc.

On top of the price of the handset, there’s the cost of the 18-month O2 mobile phone contract to consider too. This has been readjusted recently, so if you found it wrong for you during the launch, it might be worth another look-ee-see.

O2 continue to keep the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the UK.

Many have maintained that the iPhone hasn’t sold in the UK as well as it did in the UK, although many Apple fans dispute this … sometimes pretty virulently.

Our detailed iPhone review, by Paul Holmes, covered some of its flaws, but concluded that “it’s absolutely and utterly the right way to use a handheld device,” and that “the browsing experience is unreal. It really leaves other mobile browsers for dead.” Pretty high praise.

iPod touch Up-ed too
The new iPod touch model is a 32GB thang selling for £329 – in spooky symmetry to the new iPhone’s pricing, but without the 18-month O2 mobile phone contract … oh and it obviously isn’t a phone either.

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  1. hello, how many iphone 8 gb, and or 16 gb do you have ? can i send some one to come by and pick up ? or ship to southern california is how much ? would there be discount for large quantity ? in good condition i hope. will you acept credit card ? and lastly where are you locate at ?

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