Kate Modern: Bebo’s English LonelyGirl

Bebo have signed the team behind YouTube LonelyGirl.

Kate Modern: Bebo's English LonelyGirlYouTube watchers will be well aware of LonelyGirl 15 and her eventual unveiling as the product a small drama-writing team, rather than a troubled fifteen year old.

When that all came out (as it was eventually bound to), many thought LonleyGirl15, or Bree as she’s named would fade away, but the pretense of the story was kept up and ‘her’ video pieces have continued, in fact her channel remains the most subscribed channel of all time on YouTube.

Well, the 31 million member strong social networking site Bebo, have got the LonelyGirl team onboard now to create Kate Modern for them – an English LonelyGirl.

Kate Modern: Bebo's English LonelyGirlThis time they’re being upfront from the start that Kate Modern isn’t real. There will be video pieces and posts made to her Bebo profile.

Mashable reported that it will all be going live in July with the episodes will be aired multiple times per week on Bebo.

The Times spoke to Miles Beckett, a San Diego medical studies drop-out who co-created Bree, to get the background, “Kate Modern is a 19-year-old university student in London. She wants to fit in with her friends and has problems with her parents — but yes, Kate is fictional and will be played by an actress.”

As The Times points out in their coverage

the innocence of LonelyGirl has been replaced by hard-nosed commerce. Joanna Shields, Bebo’s international president, said: “Kate Modern is a great proposition for advertisers and brands. Bebo users average 41 minutes per session and that can’t be ignored.”


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