Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7): Microsoft Releases

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7): Microsoft ReleasesMicrosoft have made their latest version of their Web browser, Internet Explorer 7, available for download.

The build-up to the release has been considerable, as the product has been available as a beta download for the last 14 months.

To many, Microsoft’s browser has become less relevant as alternative browsers have become more stable and accepted – primarily the open source Firefox and to a lesser extent Opera.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7): Microsoft ReleasesFeature Catchup
The other browsers have been innovating features that their users couldn’t imaging living without, such as Tabbed browsing, where new browsing sessions are opened in a tab across the top of the screen rather than littering the desktop with new windows. With ie7, Microsoft has finally caught up and has built it in.

Other features included to match the same level of functionality, are reading RSS feeds and building in a search box to the browser that they call Live Search. There has been some controversy over the search, as it defaults to searching on Microsoft’s own service. It is understood that this was the only option right up to just before the final release, when other search options were added.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7): Microsoft ReleasesPhishing warning
Built into ie7 is the knowledge of sites that are known for phishing – sites that lure the innocent user into providing personal information, often banking details, that are then used for criminal purposes. When an ie7 user goes to one of these sites by mistake, the Web address bar is turned red and a message is displayed.

Beware! spoof versions
Some naughty Trojan writers have used the release of ie7 to attempt to spread their evil seed to the world. They sent out a spam email using the email address, pointing people to a link that launched a Web site made to look like Microsoft’s own download site.

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