Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard: World Cup Scores Live To Desktop

Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard: Live World Cup DesktopIf watching the World Cup on TV, online or down the pub wasn’t enough, Microsoft can help you stay up to date with goal-by-goal action.

They’re providing a little app (3.5Mb) for Windows users called Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard. We’ll forget that to the rest of the world outside the US, the game is called Football, and focus on what it can do.

When you’ve downloaded it (after proving that you have ‘Genuine Windows’), the setup is minimal – choose your team; set how transparent you want the app to be; decide if you want automatic or manual data updates and specify an option RSS feed.

It’s a looker
It’s an attractive looking piece of software, which is slightly more that a one trick pony. The next match in your teams group will be shown, as is the current top four positions of the Group with the cumulative totals. Both of these have the option to view full details, which refreshes the screen in a scrollable window.

Scores of other matches scroll across the bottom of the window in a CNN stock price style.

Not missing a trick, they offer you the ‘opportunity’ of clicking on a link, taking you to MSN for further details.

Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard: Live World Cup DesktopIf you specify an RSS feed (Digital-Lifestyles, natch), the headlines from these are intermittently scrolled along the bottom too.

There’s also a compact mode that only displays the particular match that’s being played.

Use-by date
This software does have a use-by date. Clearly you’re not going to get any information updated after the World Cup ends on 9th July, because …. there’s no more matches being played.

Following this you’re going to have 7 days to obsessively click around the historic match information imagining ‘what if?”

Most refreshingly, on 31 July, the software will prompt you to uninstall the software.

Microsoft Live
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