Twinity: Win An Invite

Twinity: Win An InviteTwinity has recently decided to let a few more people into their virtual rendition of real world locations.

If you already know someone who is a member you could get onto them to ask if you can have one of their limited number of invites.

If you don’t, and you’re keen to take part – you now have an other option, as we’re going to be giving away a few of our invites.

Twinity is still in Beta, so you’re getting a chance to be a pioneer and get to understand the world before other join.

Invites are pretty rare at the moment, so we’re going to be give away three of them.

It’s as easy as pie to get in with a chance of winning.

Just drop us a note with your email address and a couple of lines as to why you want to join Twinity.

The best answers will win an invite.