Firefox 3 Launch: 8.3m Downloads

Firefox 3 Launch: 8.3m DownloadsWell done to Firefox on the successful launch of the third version of their browser, Firefox 3.

They’d been hoping to go for the world record of the most amount of downloads of a browser in a single 24 hour period, or a day as it’s commonly known.

Their figures, 8,320,331, that’s 8.3 million downloads in old money, take them well over the 5 million downloads they were aiming for, although the Guinness Book of Records has yet to confirm the results yet.

Shoving out a new browser to a waiting world costs bandwidth and a considerable 83 terabytes were shipped out over the 24 hours.

At the highest peaks there were 283 downloads happening per second, multiplying up to 17,000 per minute.

Devotion to the Firefox cause was also broken down geographically, with the top ten countries being US, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, France, Iran, Italy, Canada, Poland.

We’ve been using FF3 around the office and are finding a noticeable speed improvement with pages appearing to load considerably quicker. This combined with a claimed 15,000 improvements could make it hard to resist for many.

If you upgrade you’ll notice that a number of your old plug-ins aren’t compatible with FF3, although with a couple of clicks you’ll get the new version coming down the line to you.

Get Firefox 3 for yourself

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