Mac OSX And XP Trump Vista For Corporate Satisfaction

Mac OSX And XP Trump Vista For Corporate SatisfactionSwivel action corporate types are five times more likely to declare that they are “very satisfied” with their OS if they’re tip-tip-typing away on a Mac OSX machine rather than one running Microsoft’s Windows Vista, according to a report by ChangeWave Research.

“Apple continues to set the standard for corporate customer satisfaction,” insisted Paul Carton, director of research at ChangeWave Research.

In a study of 2,200 U.S. corporate computer users last month, just over half (53%) of respondents running Mac OS X 10.5 said that they were very satisfied with their operating system, while a miserly 8% of Windows Vista users felt the same kind of love.

However, those running Windows XP were a much happier bunch, with 40% announcing themselves to being very satisfied with the aging OS.

The survey also found that despite the apparent happiness with all things Mac, just 7% of those looking to buy laptops in the next 90 days would buy a Mac machine, the same figure as November last year.

Mac OSX And XP Trump Vista For Corporate SatisfactionApple remains a minor player, Vista sales slow
The overall picture reveals that laptop sales are set to slow in the next quarter, with Apple remaining a minor player in the market; according to ChangeWave’s figures more than half of the computers bought by companies next year will be running Windows XP, followed by to 20% for Windows Vista and just 8% with Mac OS X.