Voipfone Broadband: A Managed DSL Service VoIP Users

Voipfone Broadband: A Managed Service VoIP UsersVoipfone continues to expand their available services, now adding Voipfone Broadband to their offerings.

It make logical sense for them to offer broadband, as the quality of the VoIP service that they offer can be ruined by the quality of the broadband connection provided by a company outside their control.

We’d imagine that this _could_ lead to questions/support calls from Voipfone customers to them asking why the quality of the calls aren’t what they expected.

By providing a broadband connection – especially as they’re giving voice traffic priority over other data packets – Voipfone can minimise the possible issues.

Makes sense
As more companies switch their phone system to VoIP — and why wouldn’t you? — the reliability of their broadband and the quality of service becomes vital.

Voipfone Broadband delivers up to 8mbs with an upstream of 832 kbs — all important for VoIP — via an ADSL Max service. They suggest that up to 23 conversations with a 35k voice CoDec can be had simultaneously over the connection.

Voipfone Broadband: A Managed Service VoIP UsersVoipfone tell us they’re providing a fully privately peered, business only, uncongested network – and unlimited usage.

The cost per month is £45 with a £40 setup charge.

As with Voipfone’s other packages (like their new VoIP over BT phoneline), they don’t try and lock you into a long contract, preferring to be judged by the quality of the service they provide – how refreshing!

Voipfone Broadband