Facebook Harassment Charge Dismissed

Facebook Harassment Charge DismissedWhat is thought to be the first UK trail involving Facebook has ended in the dismissal of the case at Birmingham’s magistrates court.

Michael Hurst, 34, of Edgbaston, Birmingham, was accused of contacting Sophie Sladden, also of Edgbaston, via Facebook on 21 January.

The specific complaint was that he sent her a friend request via Facebook.

To those who have used Facebook or other social networks, having received many friend requests from people are they’ve never heard of, this will appear most strange.

There’s history between the two in the court case. Beyond them having previously been in a relationship, Hurst had, following the ending of the relationship, received a police caution for harassing Ms Sladden, the details of which are unclear.

Hurst had also ordered a book online to be delivered to Sladden.

The BBC has Sladden quoted as saying, “It made me feel scared. It made me feel frightened, it made me feel insecure. It was unwanted attention which I don’t think any person should go through.”

Mrs Catherine Taylor, chairing the bench, said, “We are of the view that the Facebook incident has not been proved by the prosecution beyond reasonable doubt. We have therefore dismissed the charge.”

Taylor concluded, “I suggest that you refrain from making any contact with Ms Sladden in the future.”