YouTube Multi-Upload App & 1GB Size Increase

YouTube Multi-Upload App & 1GB Size IncreaseThere’s a couple of changes going on at YouTube that are worth highlighting – mainly because they look like they’re a big improvement, particularly for those who upload many videos at once.

Once a app has been downloaded, YouTube-ers will be able to batch upload videos, rather than having to do them one after the other.

While the maximum length of video hasn’t increased above 10 minutes, the maximum size of file has ballooned from 100MB, as was, to 1GB.

The ability to take in larger files, is highly like to be part of the advantage of being part of Google, as they’ve got access to tons of bandwidth and more storage than you can shake a stick at.

Feel the quality, my dear
This is another sign that YouTube is climbing its way up the visual quality ladder – Something that is essential if they are to become a credible alternative to broadcast TV.

YouTube Multi-Upload App & 1GB Size Increase
The first indicators was YouTube adding the option of another video Co-Dec – H.264, which is currently exclusively to Apple, initially on their AppleTV product. H.264 delivers much better video quality but using less storage, and requires less horse power to play back, opening the door for lower-powered devices.

By increasing the allowable file size of the videos, but not increasing the length of the time, there couldn’t be a clearer indication of the desire for better quality. More bits equals better quality.

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  1. 2 errors.

    First H264 is an open standard and absolutely NOT exclusive to Apple whatsoever.

    Second, though it is much higher quality than other codecs, it is NOT less processor intensive, it is substantially MORE processor intensive.

    Did you just make this stuff up or something?

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