Basilisk II PSP: Running PSP Mac 7.5 OS: Video

Basilisk II PSP: Running PSP Mac 7.5 OS: VideoWe know you love it when people port software on to unlikely platforms, so thought you’d like to see this video of the old (pre-osx) Mac operating system running on an Sony PSP.

How real it is, isn’t 100% clear, but it appears to be running a PSP version of Basilisk II, an open-source Macintosh Emulator project, called, unsurprisingly, Basilisk II PSP.
(Video follows)
Digging back, we found that Basilisk II PSP first came to light back in October 2005, when ChaosKnight unleashed it to the world (more details available). It’s must be still being used as the YouTube video was uploaded at the start of this year.

Using the cursor with the PSPs thumb controller does look painfully slow, but hey, it’s a bit of fun.Take care if you want to try running it, we haven’t installed it ourselves yet.

Enjoy the video.

Higher res version available on Google Video.