Legal Action Against Apple Over MacBook Displays

Legal Action Against Apple over MacBook DisplaysJust after the back-patting of the release of the upgraded Apple MacBooks last week, there news that Apple is the target of a class-action in the US.

The case for false advertising and misrepresentation centers on the claims by Apple that the MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks display supports “millions of colors” and offer views “simply unavailable on other portables.” The plaintiffs say this isn’t the case and that they are only capable of displaying the “illusion of millions of colors through the use of a software technique referred to as ‘dithering.”

To get all medieval on your arse with the numbers – the monitors is only capable of 6 bits per channel (18-bit colour), rather than 8 bits per channel. This enables the displaying of only 262,144 colours without dithering, as opposed to the 16 million colours that 8-bit could do.

More when we hear it.

(via Appleinsider, where you can find a PDF copy of the complaint)