TVMini Express Shipping With The Tube Software

For those of you who have been wondering who will be supplying the software to Miglia following their falling out with Elgato, you need wait no longer.

TVMini Express Shipping with The Tube SoftwareMiglia have not only signed a deal with software suppliers Equinux, but have a package available already with the software, called The Tube. They’re calling the hardware and software bundle the TVMini Express.

Simon Ellson, CEO, Miglia Technology enthused about their new partners, “‘TV from a different perspective’ is our mantra and Equinux undoubtedly provides the most effective ‘starter’ application to allow Miglia customers to watch, record and put TV on their iPod, easily.”

TVMini Express Shipping with The Tube SoftwareEquinux are confident with the swift reaction of the software, as they tell us it was written “from the ground up” in Cocoa, Apple’s object-oriented application environment designed specifically for developing Mac OS X-only native applications. ie it wasn’t written for Windows and ported over to the Mac.

All of our US readers who might be getting excited about this will have to bite their hands in frustration. As Equinux point out at the bottom of their page, “DVB-T is not available in the US, Canada and some other regions, so TubeStick will not work in those countries.”

TVMini Express is available now with a retail price of £39.95, €49.95 or $69.

TVMini Express