87% Of Email Is Steeenkin’ Spam

87% Of Email Is Steeenkin' SpamA new report from anti virus firm SoftScan has revealed that spam levels remain hideously high at 87.72% of all email traffic, while reports of phishing activity have soared.

Virus levels have doubled, but at 1.02% they still represent a tiny proportion of the total email scanned by SoftScan last month.

The company said that 89.5 per cent of all viruses scanned were classified as phishing malware, although this increase could be attributed to improved or additional antivirus detection.

Diego d’Ambra, chief technical officer at SoftScan, said: “Recent enhancements and developments by the antivirus industry to their scanners has meant an increase in detecting phishing emails as malware, as opposed to spam. This gives the impression that phishing has risen significantly, but is really due to the reclassification from spam to malware.”

87% Of Email Is Steeenkin' SpamSpam levels are expected to reduce by a few per cent soon, with the post-summer holiday rise in legitimate business email pushing the spam percentage back down to its usual level of around 85 per cent.

A breakdown of the the top five virus groups in July are as follows:
1 Phishing: 89.50%
2 Netsky: 2.44%
3 Mytob: 2.19%
4 Bzub 1.42%
5 Bagle 1.22%

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