USB Devices To Tickle Your Fancy

A Universal Symbol Meaning You wouldn’t actually buy any of the “conceptual art” USB devices on show at “Universal Connections” – because none of them actually would work. For example, you can’t debug your network with a stethoscope.

A Universal Symbol Meaning But data is one of the “essentials” of life, and that little three-pronged logo has become the single most recognisable indicator of access to data.

Actually, one of those devices does work, at least: the one entitled “French Connection” is a USB bra, which was captioned “unplug and play” by one frivolous commentator. That is, it really works in the sense that it’s a real bra, not a real USB device.

A Universal Symbol Meaning And unlike the “iPod Bra” these bits of USB sculpture aren’t just April Fool jokes. Although, the travel iRon looked like it had some chance of commercial success. Once they get the wrinkles out of it, of course…