Xdrive Launches Wireless Access To Online Storage

Xdrive Launches Wireless Access To Online StorageXdrive has announced an expansion to their service that gives roaming consumers wireless access to their files through any Internet-connected cell phone, smart phone or handheld device.

With a turn of phrase worthy of the cheesiest made-for-TV pilot, Xdrive implores users to “cut the cord and roam freely with your files” and skip gaily into a new digital dawn “liberated from the confines of a wired world” – possibly while “sipping Mai Tai’s on the sands of Bora Bora”.

Eh, what?!

Back in the real world, we can tell you that Xdrive’s new wireless service allows mobile subscribers to access their files and folders, send faxes, email documents, listen to music and view slide shows while on the move.

Users must first upload their files to their Xdrive account, and using WAP (wireless application protocol) technology they can access their files on the company’s secure server.

The service allows people access to a wide range of stored files – Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, digital photos and videos, QuickBooks files, and MP3s etc – through any Web-enabled hand-held device.

Xdrive Launches Wireless Access To Online Storage“As the Digital Lifestyle continues to become more and more engrained into our everyday life, people are beginning to break away from the concept of one stationary computer,” states Xdrive CEO Brett O’Brien, “People strive for mobility, yet yearn for connectedness. Xdrive’s new wireless features give people just that.”

Xdrive costs US$9.95 (£5.20, €7.6) or US$99.50 (£50.20, €70.6) annually, with subscribers having 5 Gigabytes of online storage space and access to all of the Xdrive applications and services.

The company offers new subscribers a 15-day free trial period at http://www.xdrive.com