PerfectDraft – It Does What It Says

PerfectDraft - It Does What It SaysThe 2006 world championships draw closer and if you‘ve not yet considered your Christmas gift list, this might be just the thing you were looking for.

The consumer electronics brands Philips and InBev have been considering how to enhance the daily lives of the greater population. Keeping our daily ration of beer at the temperature we love it, is a serious issue. So they’ve come up the PerfectDraft home-draught beer system.

The system carries a real tap handle and a display that indicates volume and beer temperature. It is designed to keep six litres of a variety of beers fresh for up to 4 weeks at an optimal temperature of 3 degrees C.

OK, six litres sounds low for the daily ration, but at least it’s cold.

And whilst those soccer guys show their muscles on television, I don’t have to leave the room to get more beers from the fridge. Once again, Philips helps us women to stay out of kitchen.

Philips PerfectDraft

SMS: It’s Time To Get Pregnant

A Text-Message That May Change Your Sex-LifeA new text-messaging service called EggAlert wants to help women to keep better track of their menstrual period. The service calculates a woman’s next ovulation time and sends a tet message (SMS) to her cell phone altering/warning her she at the hight of her fertility. While the Website of EggAlert focuses on women who want to become pregnant, we’re thinking the service could also be used as a form of contraception.

According to the service can also be used both as a Notifier for the upcoming premenstrual symptom, to schedule certain events around the time of menstruation and as a reminder for women who want to do self breast examinations.

A Text-Message That May Change Your Sex-LifeSome Questions are left open: According to the Website, the service is available worldwide, but seems only be on-hand for customers with a billing address in the US and Canada. That’s why we could not get through to the signing-up process to check if more than one cellphone number could be handled. As it would be nice to send a message to the partners cellphone too.

While claiming that the service “increases your ability to naturally select a boy or a girl.” PDA Healthware, Inc. does not provide any statistics about happy customers, nor any testimonials. We would love to hear about the first Text Message enabled pregnancy.

A Text-Message That May Change Your Sex-LifeWe can see a long term merging of with company will be a quick dating service when it’s linked with location-based data.