PC iTunes Upgrade Failure: Wake Up Apple!

iTunes has been bugging me for a while about upgrading, but frankly, I’m not that interesting in anything beyond it playing me music occasionally, so I ignored it.

Yesterday I gave in and accepted their offer, I vaguely remember seeing something about a security issue with it, so thought it was a good idea.

WRONG – Went to play some music with it today and it throws up an alert box saying, “iTunes cannot run because it detects a problem with QuickTime. For repair instructions, click Help.”

It was completely borked and no amount of trying to launch it would bring it back to life.

Recap: This was an ‘upgrade’ that Apple offered me to iTunes, that’s completely stop me being able to use their product … and the reason it doesn’t work might be QuickTime … another of their products. Not exactly inspirational.

Clicking on the Help tells me that “QuickTime may need to be reinstalled,” suggesting that; via the Control Panel, completely uninstall my previously happily working QuickTime; reboot my machine; then download and install another version … oh and reboot again.

Amazing isn’t it? Apple … the company that understands how people use computers.

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