Paris Hilton: Now Star Of Spam

Paris Hilton: Now Star Of SpamI’ve got over 78,000 spam emails sitting in my Gmail account – and that’s with them auto-deleting after three months. Crazy isn’t it?

Normally there’s very little humour to the messages, but we can see spammers trying new methods like the news scam that they came up with recently.

The latest focus is dear old Paris Hilton. They’re sticking her name in the titles for the email in the hope that they’ll be clicked on and that you’ll get sucked into spam-hell.

At least these spammers have approached it with humour. The headline bring something for everyone.

Here’s a selection …

  • The Day I Found Out Gary Glitter Is My Dad
  • Paris Hilton Sextape: A CIA Plot
  • Paris Hilton Declared One of the Seven Most Unique Wonders of the world
  • McCain Choose Paris Hilton to be Running Man
  • Paris Hilton Satisfies Lusty, Sweaty, Prison Women
  • Paris Hilton : The Day I Found Out Gary Glitter Is My Dad

Some funny, others with relevance to the news, such as the Gary Glitter one – all eye catching to the general public who have an interest in Paris.

Needless to say they’re all evil and you should just plain deleted the messages rather that click on them.

One thought on “Paris Hilton: Now Star Of Spam”

  1. Isn’t Paris Hilton spam in and of herself? Cultural spam. Too bad there’s nothing like SpamBully or spamkiler to block her from our lives LOL

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