Disney And Sharp Conjure Up The Cinderella Phone

Disney And Sharp Conjure Up The Cinderella PhoneThe great dust storms generated by extended bouts of enthusiastic synergetic backslapping in Japan have finally cleared to reveal the fruits of a Walt Disney and Sharp mobile phone collaboration.

Being prepped for a June 7th offensive into adolescent handbags all over the Land of the Rising Sun is the new Walt Disney/Sharp DM002SH phone, known as the Cinderella phone.

The none-more-girly clamshell handset comes in three sparkly finishes, described as Clear Crystal, Brown Topaz, and Pink Diamond.

Disney And Sharp Conjure Up The Cinderella PhoneLurking inside the ladyphones can be found a fairly reasonable 2.6 inch internal display sporting a WQVGA resolution (400×240 pixel), backed by a 0.5 inch external OLED display.

Internal memory stands at 50MB – enough for a few tunes and photos taken on the 2MP camera – with a microSD slot allowing near endless R’n’B listening pleasure on the move.

Rounding up the spec sheet is Bluetooth and a 1Seg Tuner. We have to admit we didn’t know what a 1seg tuner was, but a brief rummage around the web informed us that it’s a Japan-only mobile terrestrial digital audio/video and data broadcasting service, which started up in April 2006. Find out more here: 1seg.

Disney And Sharp Conjure Up The Cinderella PhoneBack to the shiny Cinderella phone, we’ve no idea as yet about pricing or whether a version will be seen in the UK – or anywhere else for that matter. But we dont want one, thanks.


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  1. Does anyone know where to buy the Cinderella Phone? At CinderellaPhone.com I can see adverts only…

  2. I would like to know where can i buy this phone in malaysia?how much is it?please reply me as soon as possible.thank you.

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