Etch-A-Sketch Clock: Fantastic

Etch A Sketch Clock: FantasticWe love it when people spend huge amounts of effort building machine, or software packages that end up doing something pretty irrelevant. It’s exciting to see how adventurous the human spirit can be.

Given this, we were delighted to see that ‘angelabuilds‘ (Angela Juan) has build a machine to use an etch-a-sketch as a clock.

Using the wheels at the lower corners of the etch-a-sketch, the machine automatically rotate the two knobs to sketch the time in numbers on the etch-a-sketch.

Then, when the next minute needs drawing, it automatically turns the whole etch-a-sketch over, blanking the screen, getting it ready for drawing the next time.

All when you could just go out and buy a clock for a £1 or so. Brill!

Enjoy the video.