Beats MySpace Beats MySpaceIs Blogging overtaking Social Networking?

The newly released Neilsen Online figures show that, the blogging service owned by Google, reached 5.1 million user in January.

Over the same period the previously-huge MySpace reached just over 5 million and Bebo a smidgen over 4 million.

Blogging – For MySpace users when they grown up?
For a long time we’ve though that Social networking sites like MySpace were for people who hadn’t grown up into blogging yet. MySpace, et al allowed them to easily enter the world of writing online.

Rather than a large sheet of blank of empty that Blogging effectively gives you, which could be scary, MySpace gave people categories to write about — clues if you like — where people were able find a place to hook on to. Much less scary.

Now all of those people have now broken their online-cherry, we’d imagine that those people start to get frustrated with the limitations of MySpace, etc — plus their not so cool any more are they, so why not look elsewhere? History
Evan Williams battled with Blogger for ages, for a long period by himself, but slowly, slowly more people signed up to use it.

Then, one day back in 2003, Google bought it, reportedly for $10 million plus some equity in pre-IPO Google.

Best-value deal Google ever did judging by Blogger’s traffic levels.