Fring Adds Mobile File Transfer To VoIP/IM

Fring, a provider of VoIP on mobiles, has added new functionality in their latest release.

Beyond the VoIP and IM functions already included, they’ve expanded to allow the interchange of files between subscribers – mobile to mobile, PC to mobile, as well as between mobiles and PCs, if it runs an MSN IM or Skype client.

There’s no restriction on the type of files that can be sent, or indeed file size, as long as you’ve got storage to receive it. Suggestions are photos – an obvious use, and a considerable saving of use MMS; as well music files – which we suspect will raise the hackles of the music biz; videos and documents complete the list.

All of these mobile transfers all work well if the mobile subscriber is on an all-inclusive data plan, far less so when data is being paid for by the byte.

VoIP and IM support
It’s not just fring to fring calls, or calls to landlines that are supported as you’d expect, fring also connect to many IM services including Skype. Support for Skype is both voice and IM, achieved through fring’s own gateway to Skype.

Marketing with skill
Fring has taken a good approach to selling their service, using extensions of the fring name, eg fring-sters to engender friendliness and the sense of belonging to a community.

Those wishing for their VoIP service to grow quickly, have to persuade the users of the service to get their mates onboard. Each of these new members is a potential growth source too.

Beyond the use of catchy names, fring has a series of videos up on the ever-present YouTube. They’re shot in a way of a friend telling you something about a service they’ve discovered and _must_ tell you about – clever. In these videos new features and function are explained and, more importantly, demonstrated.