Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet

Vibrating Bluetooth BraceletBesides Stereo bluetooth and the odd bit of file transfer, we’re sadly disappointed by the applications that people have put Bluetooth to … but today started to look up a bit, when we saw this Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet.

Rather than wearing a silly lump of plastic on your ear, to let you talk when you phone rings, the LM959 Bluetooth vibrating bracelet from LM Technologies hangs on your wrist and vibrates when a call comes in, even when you’re up to 5m away from the handset.

With a charge time of 3 hours, the ‘up to’ 100 hours standby time sounds pretty healthy.

If this all sounds appealing … you’re going to have to hold your horses, as they’ve all sold out at the moment. If they do come back in stock, they cost £30 before.

Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet


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