Gibson Robot Guitar: Self-Tuning Guitar

Gibson Robot Guitar: Self-Tuning GuitarRockers who are in need of xmas present ideas are going to fall off their bar stools when they see this one which arrives in the shops tomorrow.

Gibson have teamed up with Tronical to produce a self-tuning guitar that they’re calling the Robot Guitar.

It was developed by Chris Adams who has spent 10 years working on the lightweight, auto-tuning system.

Gibson Robot Guitar: Self-Tuning GuitarHow it works
It’s got some clever tech on it. Here’s how we understand it works – the Tune Control Bridge measures the tuning of the strings. These readings are passed to the central processor, which in-turn (pun intended) sends them to the processor in the neck of the guitar, rotating the Powerhead locking tuners.

We’ve watched the video of how it works and were really impressed when watching the self-tuning. Pulling out the Master Control Knob (uninspiringly abbreviated to MCK) sets it into self tuning mode, then when the strings are strummed, the tuners on the guitar head rotate back and forth to achieve the correct tuning.

Gibson Robot Guitar: Self-Tuning GuitarPresets too
As well as doing ‘standard tuning’, (EADGBE), the control knob, also let’s people tune to different settings, using its alternate/open tuning functions. This is reached simply by rotating the control knob.

To add that extra bit of specialist-ness, there’ll only be 10 First run limited Les Paul edition guitars per shop. It will be a dramatic Blue Silverburst nitrocellulose finish, created especially for this limited run. Gibson says it will never be used on any other Gibson guitar.

Gibson Robot Guitar