1 Million TVs To Sell Over Christmas: Digital UK

Digital UK estimates that over one million TV sets will be sold in the UK this Christmas.

Electronic retailers and TV manufacturers will be licking their lips at the prospect.

Xmas is traditionally a time when lots of people buy a new TV – whether it’s because they want to make sure that they get at least one decent chrissy present, or that they have nothing to say to the people who will be coming around, and therefore need a new TV isn’t clear.

1 Million TVs To Sell Over Christmas: Digital UKWith nearly half of the TVs bought in the UK in May (48%) still being analogue, Digital UK is, not surprisingly, encouraging people to make their purchase a digital TV this year in preparation of the Digital Switchover – 2008-2012.

Before you rush out and lash out on any digital kit, make sure that the area that you live in is able to receive digital transmissions, by popping over to the Digital UK site.

If you make the decision to go ahead and buy, Digital UK have compiled a list of tips.

  • Seek advice from your local retailer. Look for the ‘Ask Digital’ logo in store, which shows staff are trained to give accurate information about switchover.
  • Look for the ‘digital tick’ in store. This identifies products and services that are designed to keep working after switchover.
  • If you buy a new TV, make sure it has an integrated digital tuner. This means it is ready for switchover and you won’t need to get a set-top box.
  • Remember to convert all your TV sets. You will need to convert all the TVs in your home to digital, and your retailer will be able to advise you of the best way to do this.
  • Upgrade your recorder. If you want to record an alternative channel to the one being watched, you’ll need to buy a digital recorder, also know as a PVR (personal video recorder). This gives you extra features too, such as the ability to pause live TV.
  • Buy green. Look for the ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ logo (a blue triangle), which shows the product is energy efficient and uses less energy than an average TV.

The other option is not to buy a new TV, invest in a quality monitor, and watch everything through your computer!