Sony Rolly: More (Sketchy) Details

We’ve been digging deep into our Sony contact book in an effort to find out more details about the now-seen Sony Rolly.

Cards are being held very close to the chest about it all over at Sony. As we know Engadget have been through the video with a fine tooth comb in a desperate attempt to try and suss out more.

Even the most senior Sony source we spoke to (and yes, they were very senior) had only seen the Rolly once.

Using a crowbar to try and get some new info from them about it, we found that it is indeed a digital media player designed to extend the function of a Walkman-type device – to create a new category. Think of it as a music-focused Wii on wheels.

It’s got integrated speakers and, as we’ve seen, moves around pretty fast with that weird flappy side-thing going on.

As you can see – we couldn’t get that much more. Lips are very tight.

Silence – The Future of Tech PR?
It is interesting to see how, the less is known about a product, the greater the hysteria in the press – iPhone being the most over-blown example.

What does this mean for the future of PR of tech products? Sort of turns PR on its head if the idea is that you _don’t_ talk about a product, doesn’t it?

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