Philips Power4Life: Traveling With Gadgets Gets Easier: IFA

Philips Power4Life: Traveling With Gadgets Gets EasierPower4Life is a new range for Philips with two prongs.

Power2Charge tries to get over the problem that anyone who travels with battery-driven technology knows only to well – that of having to carry a seperate charger for each device.

Philips are taking the apporach of basing the output of their power adaptor’s output on a USB connection, from there adaptors are used to connect to mobile phones, PDAs, etc. As long as thez work within the 5v range ther should be a problem.

Philips Power4Life: Traveling With Gadgets Gets EasierThereĀ“s a whole bunch of different models available, with the top of the range being the SCM7880 which comes complete with back up energy pack that can run up to 15 hours and 6 connector tips.

The use of USB and mini-USB has reduced the need for multi-charger a little and devices like Chargepod go that much further, in a similar approach to Philips.

Philips Power4Life: Traveling With Gadgets Gets EasierPower2Go
To continue the power while travelling theme, Power2Go provides up to 60 hours of charge when you find yourself without a power socket.

The top version is the SCE7640 (who names these things?) provides up to 20v with sufficient oomph to run a laptop.

They plan for them to be available from December 2007, but we got in to take shots of the prototypes – not the press shots that other publications have been using.