Members Spam: A New Strain

Members Spam: A New StrainWe’ve recieved quite a few of what appears to be a new type of spam – and possibly phishing – email.

Starting “Dear Member”, the mail tries to trick you into thinking that you’ve registered for some sort of service – Ringtone World, Pet World, Poker World, you get the idea.

The mail give you the username that you ‘registered’ with along with a password and a link to the site so you can enjoy the pleasure.

Clearly we haven’t clicked on the links – which are all IP-only addresses like – as that would be rather foolish.

We suppose that they’re hoping that lots of people are use their PC in the evening, drunk out of the minds, registering for all sorts of strange sites.

These ones will be pretty card for a spam filter to detect and whisk from your site, so a word to the wise, just delete them if they hit your inbox.

6 thoughts on “Members Spam: A New Strain”

  1. I have only found 1 way to stop Spam, I use a new Spam Free Email Service and it works very well in my opinion.

  2. @Jim – I do all of my mail via gmail and have found it pretty efficient at filtering out spam. Once a new one pops its head up, it’s not long before the wisdom of crowds that gmail benefits from has it marked as spam, and they stop hit your inbox.

    As I said, I think this type will be harder to catch – for any spam service – it looks too much like a mail you might actually get.

  3. Gmail put some of my very important emails into the spam area. has been very effective for me.

  4. Just signed for enterto email. Easy signup, great interface. Don’t know about spam protection yet, but their technology is promising. I used same technique for about 5 years – creating aliases manually on my server for online registrations. Now when I have 1000+ aliases, management become difficult. Enterto dose this transparently and esy to manage (I hope).

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