The World’s First Revving Motorcycle USB Hub!

The World's First Revving Motorcycle USB Hub!We’ve always got time for thoroughly pointless USB gadgets and they don’t come much more pointless than the Cube Collection’s USB Engine Hub.

Designed for people dissatisfied with the aesthetic experience of plugging in USB peripherals, the USB Engine Hub turns the everyday act of plugging in a printer or a scanner into a piece of high octane motorcycle performance art, complete with sound effects, a working kickstart and gears.

The World's First Revving Motorcycle USB Hub!No longer will users have to put up with a dull system ‘plonk’ sound as they get jiggy with their USB connections – thanks to the USB Engine Hub, every time you plug in a device you’ll be rewarded by Easy Rider-esque engine sound effects, with the entire ‘motor’ shaking itself frenetically like you’re a bad-ass wild-eyed loner burning down the highway of hell.

We’re not sure if we’re able to do this device justice ourselves, so here’s how the Japanese site describes the device:

Turn on Your Lap Top
Then Ride on the Motorcycle!
Motorcycle Engine PC Gadget USB HUB
Like a real Honda Engine,
it makes a heavy and cool noises as you very expect!
Don’t have to ride on Honda to run through rough and ugly roads to feel the heart of motorcycle anymore but do the same while googling on your PC!
I know, it’s hard to own your bike all the time..
Vehicles are more comfortable and convenient.
The World's First Revving Motorcycle USB Hub!Motorcycle Engine USB keeps making you feel excited!
it makes quite real noises as like.
It’s nussuib engine, Automatic gear-changing is too up-to-date and therefore, not appropriate this time.
Boring jobs, messy e-mails and supervisors’ shouts.
Ok, let’s take them all, kick down
(use your finger, not your toe)
USB Cylinder and encourage your self, your engine buring!

The Engine USB Hub comes with just 3 USB 2.0 ports, is compatible with Windows XP and MacOS X and can be ordered from Strapya for $47.