David Sweeney: Quale, Intelligent Olfactory Channel: RCA 2007

Listen to the Interview – [audio:https://digital-lifestyles.info/media/audio/david-sweeney-quale-RCA-2007.mp3]

David Sweeney: Quale, Intelligent Olfactory Channel: RCA 2007This goes beyond the simplicity of smell-o-vision, to a far more deeper, emotional level. Using smells to associate to emotions, providing powerful triggers.

16 essential oils, extracted from around Berlin (in this example usage) are held in the device. When a smell is needed to be generated, they are passed down a syringe tip to a piezo-electric disc and then atomised.

One example used – instead of constantly checking your email, a ‘key’ smell is generated, so the person using it ‘feel’ like it’s time to check their email – triggered by the released smell.

David’s site – makegoodstuff

David Sweeney: Quale, Inteligent Olfactory Channel: RCA 2007

We’re trying a new format with these RCA pieces. Rather than have text dominated reporting, we’re going to have the audio and picture do the speaking. Let us know what you think of the new approach.