PlusNet Launches Polish’d Broadband Service

PlusNet Launches Polish'd Broadband ServiceInteresting move by PlusNet, as they release a version of their broadband service tailored specifically towards Polish speakers.

Not only will their Web site be recreated in Polish, but PlusNet are claiming that their broadband packages will be tailored to their specific usage patterns and types. There will also be native Polish speakers on the end of the support telephone line.

The UK has seen large numbers of Polish people moving to the UK. Official figures from nearly a year back claimed that of the ‘nearly 600,000’ new EU migrants, 62% of these were Polish. All of this makes the move by PlusNet seem obvious – the market is considerable.

With PlusNet’s own figures, they see the UK have 750,000 Polish in the UK, which Neil Armstrong, products director at PlusNet, says is “two per cent of the global Polish population.”

PlusNet Launches Polish'd Broadband ServiceNot only will the Polish find it easier to sign up – it’ll be easier to read about products in their native language – but many of the migrants will want to keep regular contact with those they have left behind in their home countries.

To this end, PlusNet are highlighting the fact that they have ‘intelligent traffic prioritisation,’ making their service superior for time-sensitive applications such as Skype, VoIP and webcams as well as Gadu-Gadu, the popular chat software from Poland.

It’s highly probable that not all will welcome this idea with enthusiasm. We specifically wonder whether the more right-wing publications such as the Daily Mail will react to this news with joy – or see it as further proof of the un-English-fication of the UK.

The polish version of PlusNet