Sony Goes Super Shiny With Vaio CR Series Laptops

Sony Goes Super Shiny With Vaio CR Series LaptopsSony has officially unveiled their new range of VAIO CR-Series laptops.

Looking shinier than a shiny button with a highly reflective finish, the laptops look absolutely lovely and come in a range of attractive colours, excitedly christened with marketing department-spawned names like, “Blazing Red”, “Indigo Blue”, “Pure White” and “Luxury Pink”.

Sony has been a tad coy about the full technical specifications, but we know that the notebooks pack a 14.1-inch widescreen XBRITE-ECO LCD screen (1280×800), a healthy 2GB of RAM and a built-in 1.3MP webcam, and weigh in at 5.5 pounds.

Sporting the shiny interface of Vista Premium., the glossy beast is powered by an Intel Centrino Duo processor, with an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics inside.

Storage is taken care of with a 160GB hard drive, backed by a 3-in-1 media reader and a CD/DVD player/burner, with the CR lappies also coming with an ExpressCard slot, 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

The machine boasts an instant-on mode and A/V controls to let punters watch movies, play music and view photos without having to boot up the operating system.

Sony think we’re going to love their “uniquely configured keyboard” and their “specialised keyboard font” which, apparently, “adds a fun touch.”

Fans of flashing lights will enjoy the LED that pulsates beneath the notebook’s trim and glows and fades as the Vaio boots up, powers down and hibernates.

Sounding like he’d just imbibed a bag of high quality magic mushrooms, Mike Abary, senior VP of VAIO product marketing for Sony Electronics US starting seeing comparisons between cars, laptops and people.

Sony Goes Super Shiny With Vaio CR Series Laptops“Just like the car you drive, notebooks today are an extension of your personality” he declared.

Whatever you say, Mike!

The CR-Series will be hitting the shops from mid-July with a price tag starting at £999 (inc VAT), and should be dazzling shoppers on the shelves from mid-July.

If you want to be the first in your ‘hood to strut around with the shiniest laptop we’ve seen in a long while, you can pre-order your laptop here.

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