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Alan Johnston Video OnlineMuch relief for the relatives and friends of BBC Journalist Alan Johnson as a video of him speaking, apparently in good health, has appeared on the Internet.

Many sites are now carrying it, like the BBC itself and The Telegraph, but in typical media fashion they have chosen to edit the video. We’ve embedding the video below.

Alan Johnston was seized on 12 March, nearly 12 weeks ago in Gaza City on his way home. The Army of Islam is believed to be behind the action.

The BBC have issued a statement: “This is a highly distressing time for them and for his friends and his colleagues. We repeat our call for his immediate release.”

The BBC also have a transcript of the video

We find that these videos are being presented first online, rather than through major news organisations, or even Al Jazzera, as they have been in the past.

This gives it a near-instant global distribution that they broadcasters don’t always have, but the advantage of a lack of editing.

It’s highly possible that another reason might be the lower quality of the video makes it harder to spot clue that could give away additional information.

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